Thursday, December 23, 2010

We are what we are committed to... Longlive!

Since we have committed ourselves to the Ideals of the Alpha Kappa Rho, therefore, we have committed ourselves to the SERVICES of the Fraternity and Sorority, for we are born into The Alpha Kappa Rho FAMILY in order to SERVE regardless of our status, etc.. Thus, Loyalty and Fidelity.. is highly recommended.

Our Committed Services toward The Hierarchy is what our Fraternity and Sorority is all about: "We are what we are committed to", says a Jesuit Priest, "and without commitment we are nothing. "Because in a fundamental sense, our commitment defines us.

Our Commitment is geared up to make us a better person, a humanitarian in the process. We tend to love God, first and foremost, in all corners of our lives and everything should be coordinated to it as orderly, thats GOD-Country-Family-School/Community-Fraternity.

We can make a difference in this world if we keep it well. But if we make commitment, failed to keep it, that would say a lot about The Fraternity and Sorority we have.

We can feel miserable sometimes when we look at those brothers and sisters who did not bring anything to the commitment, especially, those who failed to realize what our commitment is all about.

We can bring time or money or talent or anything to the commitment: we can spend time with the councils and help them promoting Goodwill. We can donate money or canned goods or rice or used clothing to help provide our brothers and sisters in their "Bundles of Joy Projects" or in their "Prison Visit Program" because we want to be a part of it. We can donate blood for a brother or sister in confinement and for our "Bloodletting Project" because we still have much to give. We can make sacrifices and say a lot of prayers for the conversion of our deliquent members and for those who are in need, for this is the only thing we can bring to the COMMITMENT. Our donation brings us together with our brothers and sisters in their projects. In that way, we are still united with our commitment and we are still committed with them in our Services.

Our Loyalty and Fidelity has to be nurtured and our Commitment has to be understood: That it is all about Love towards God and neighbors. That it is all about Service, in His Name, and to the least of the people. Since our commitment has to be permanent, Our Fidelity to what we have committed would also make our lives fulfilled.

Keeping our commitments shall always keep us "Alive". Our Loyalty and Fidelity, shall always keep the fire burning... "The burning fire of the Alpha Kappa Rho."

May the Lord bless our almighty Alpha Kappa Rho always... Longlive! 


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