History of Alpha Kappa Rho

The Foundation
It was on the 8th day of August year 1973, the celebration of the Feast Day of St. Dominic, patron saint of the University of Santo Tomas, Espana St., Manila, Philippines sixteen young, all-male, energetic and ambitious freshmen and sophomore students of the University, sharing the same interest, dreams and ambitions, formed their own kind of fraternal organization - the ALPHA KAPPA RHO Fraternity. This was during the tumultuous early years of the martial rule in the Philippines. However the time was then, these young men guided by the Almighty, bonded themselves together as one.[1]

Our group was formed out of necessity since all that time, as it is now, members of other fraternities in the AB-Commerce building of University of Santo Tomas, would recruit potential neophytes to join their ranks. But since this new grouping, who’s for the boys in Metro Manila were themselves already in a band in the campus, and in order to ward-off the pesky recruiters who could not wait to lay their hands on them, they thought - why not form their own?

Lead by Bro "Boy" Chua, whose idea was it to form their own brand of fraternity, and with Bro Noli Manalo, Bro Roger Sarmiento, Bro Teddy Aves, Bro Philip Balange, Bro Tanny Bernabe, Bro James Bracewell, Bro Monchet Cabrera, Bro Philip Diman, Bro Renato Go, Bro Teddy De Lara, Bro Arnel (Lim) Lorenzo, Bro Vismark Quequep, Bro Edwin Solano, Bro Ronnie Leuterio and Bro Gil Villegas, they founded the ALPHA KAPPA RHO Fraternity or AKRHO. Thus, the seed of the organization was planted and soon after the birth of ALPHA KAPPA RHO came to be.

Happy times and good times followed out to this AKRHO barkadahan. However, what started out as a cluster of young students out to have a good education while having fun inside the University campus began to take seriously their being members of this new group. Little did our Founding Fathers realized that they were already creating ripples of anxiety with other fraternities for grabbing attention for themselves inside the school.

It happened that our founders themselves were likewise starting to recruit young members to join their own rank. Tensions rose within University of Santo Tomas campus among fraternities with our presence. Inevitably, we had to show true grit during heightened emotions, even when others tried vainly to erase the name ALPHA KAPPA RHO in the face of the earth. Our growing young fraternity then stood their ground and faced adversities with much courage, vigor and fortitude, in defense of, and for the protection of its existence.

In 1976 the merging of OMEGA Fraternity and Sorority of San Sebastian College and ZETA UPSILON Fraternity of U.E. (University of the East) Recto with the ALPHA KAPPA RHO (AKRHO) Intercollegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority mark the beginning of the growth of ALPHA KAPPA RHO. The population of AKP commenced in greater numbers, expanding aggressively in massive members welcomed and much stronger than any other fraternities in the U-Belt (University Belt) area. The word AKRHO was established and among those being feared by rival fraternities.[2]

The growth of the AKP in 1975 was because of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth with the coherent full cooperation, strong powers and determinations of our brothers and sisters of F.E.U. (Far Eastern University), P.S.B.A. (Philippine School of Business Administration) and N.C.B.A. (National College of Business and Arts) and San Sebastian College chapters with the help of the High School Skeptrons headed by Bro JUN "LABO" Pasaporte then called the DELTA KAPPA RHO of Junior Skeptrons.

These five mentioned universities were the key factors in the growth of the ALPHA KAPPA RHO (AKRHO) Intercollegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority. Bro Jun "Labo" Pasaporte devoted his time and life for AKRHO. He died in July 17, 2003 at age 45 in Manila, Philippines.

In addition to the adaption of the ALPHA KAPPA RHO Sorority, other fraternities and sororities with the same thoughts and feelings as that of the ALPHA KAPPA RHO at that time merged with it. From these mergers evolved one practice which becomes the hallmark of our group.

For one, the noble, the traditional hand mark and its handclasp was a covenant agreed by our foreleaders from both ALPHA KAPPA RHO and the Omega Fraternity and Sorority, Inc. Reresented by our OFSI Brothers from San Sebastian College, Bro Alex Ramirez, Bro Dennie Ravarra, Bro Alex Mangubat, to name a few, and together with the Officers of the founding Members and the Officers of ALPHA KAPPA RHO, they signed pledge for and in behalf of each other’s group. This merge which happened in September 1976 at Rancho, Marikina (then a municipality) was momentous for to this day we carry in our hands the mark of synthesis, the handclasp that set a strong bond and true unity under one name, the ALPHA KAPPA RHO.

Another Version Of Alpha Kappa Rho

Preamble of Akrho

We, the members of Alpha Kappa Rho (Skeptron Society) condoles the need of establishing and embody our ideas, promote our welfare, develop and conserve the spirit and practice of a good citizenship in accordance with the new society, establish a closer relationship between the students of different schools throughout the world, secure our selves the solemn and humiliation of goodness and equality of a lasting unity and cooperation do hereby adopt, promulgate and dedicate this constitution.

13 Doctrines of Alpha Kappa Rho

A - live we shall keep the burning fire of our brotherhood

L - ove shall be our strength

P - ower we shall posses

H - onor we shall give to our fraternity

A - llegiance we pledge

K - eep and preserve the good name of Alpha Kappa Rho

A - lways we shall defend the name of our fraternity

P - owerful and influential we shall be

P - urity and policy we shall be

A - id and assistance shall give to our fraternity

R - eputation we promise to keep unstained

H - umble and humane we shall be

O - nward to success still our own struggle crown with victory and glory

Pledge of Akrho

We the sovereign members of Alpha Kappa Rho (name of the chapter). Imploring the aid of the devine providence in order to build a just and humane society and establish Alpha Kappa Rho that shall embody our ideas and aspirations to promote to our selves Service, Love, Brotherhood that will foster Truth, Peace, Equality, and unity among us that will lead directly to welfare of our Fraternity, Sorority, Family, Community, and Country do ordain and promulgate this Constitution and by Laws. So help me God…
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