Friday, December 3, 2010

The birth of the Skeptron Ladies

The collective unanimity among our founding members to pursue with firmness the existence of ALPHA KAPPA RHO became very clear. Soon after, under the guidance of the Founding ALPHA KAPPA RHO brothers, the ALPHA KAPPA RHO Sorority was likewise established. With smart and friendly Sister such as Sis Marissa Cumuyog, the late Sis Jayjay Aquino, Sis Alda Altiveros, Sis Girlie Tesoro, Sis Grace Mendoza, Sis Jay Mercado and Sis Irene Ileto, they formed the first Sorority Members of the ALPHA KAPPA RHO in University of Santo Tomas.


Anonymous said...

ang sarap mabuhay kapag dugong dragon ka! long live brad & sis!!!!

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