Thursday, December 23, 2010

Longlive Humanitarians!

Mother Teresa have touched the world through her missionary works among the poor. Because of such dedication, a journalist ask her: "Why devote so much time with these people, why not pray instead for the world peace?" She answered, "I shall pray for the peace of the world,
but for the main time allow me to nurse them."

Touched as I am, I have shared this sentiment to the class quoting: "If there's anything better in life than to be Loved... It is Loving." Then I presented before them an Art, featuring the poor and needy, to remind them of the people we often neglected and deliberately ignored.

In the hope of moving the hearts to compassion, I had roamed around, getting along with the people that sleeps in the sideways, on the overpasses and in the alleys so I could get my picture of their deprived life. One couldn't help but pity, but it takes a compassionate heart to feel them in their miseries.

In our sad world of so much poverty, and so much need, there is a great need for us to share them what we have to make them feel that they are Loved. We can give food to the homeless that sleeps in the alleys at nights. We can give bundles-of -joys to the people that lives in the dumpsites, or conduct a feeding activity with the poor community like those in the slums. We have to be involved with the poor and with those who do not have as much as we have. Isn't our goal is to become a
brother to all?

I can be a little more concerned for the poor and needy among us. I don't have to be fighting all the time. Rivalry doesn't make sense. What is power, influence when the glory is vain? We can try to love the way Christ loved. We can be more gentle and forgiving. We don't have to be fighting all the time. We can turn ourselves around and begin to think about other people and what they need. And not just be concerned with ourselves all the time.

Gandhi said one time that we can all begin to be happy only when we realize that "every man is my brother, every woman is my sister." Christ said, "Whatever you did to the least of my brothers, you
did it for Me." and so Mother Teresa have ended up the question when she told the journalist saying: "Why don't you do something beautiful for God?" Maybe that is the challenge for us all to realize our goal especially for this Christmas season . Why dont we do something beautiful for God - and for the poor?

Lastly, Let us be reminded of what St.Francis of Assisi is wont to say: "If there's any goodness that i can do, or any kindness that i can show. Let me do it now, for I shall never pass this way again." And so my dear brothers, while we have time. Let us do good!

For The Greater Honor and Glory...Love shall be our strength! Longlive!


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