Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Humanitarian Projects

BLOOD DONATION Given the reality, the moment development fully integrate across the community, benefits become reality, coordinations are more connected, interests are more accessible, members are more satisfied and obtained distant resources are all but part of the valuable asset in becoming more valuable to allocate our short and longer term plans into applicable perspective. In our own little way, we are pleased to encourage fellow Skeptrons to volunteer, participate, work together and involve themselves to any Community Projects and Programs.
DENTAL SERVICE Since the start of The Alpha Kappa Rho involvement in Community Projects, our advocate service has dramatically changed in positive results. More Leaders and more Members are now assistive as part Public Servant. More participating Skeptrons oversee what support our Service to God and Country has gone through.Personal emphaty are the solid structure supports the prominince of Alpha Kappa Rho. Forge by the incisive competence, kindred sensibilities of the various Skeptrons and having close fraternal ties, the Alpha Kappa Rho has achieved a sterling performance in its field of Civic Projects.
FEED THE HUNGRY The Alpha Kappa Rho COMMUNITY PROJECTS have been ongoing ever since. We have moved with substantial achievements to integrate key factors that will share our common goals and to encourage Skeptrons to various projects. Our gifted time to any transition can be challenging but these are the wonderful times over the years to discover what is in the inner core of the Brotherhood that needs stimulus and deliver the best.Our success is specially indebted to our PIONEERS and all hardworking Skeptrons from the Past to the Present. They patiently shared their hopes and dreams in transporting ahead of our goals.
AID / ASSISTANCE We believe that there can be no meaningful democracy where the majority of the people are poor and weak. When people are hungry, most specially children,they cannot be truly free.Privileged few for some and others, could shoulder the cost of the average Filipinos' christmas simply by displaying their best holiday ornaments and lights. Imagine the amazement of poor children in the streets - children with no famous godparents to go or huge gifts to expect - if they can look around and have the entire city as their christmas treat. Let us not be skeptic or indifferent.
ANTI-DRUG CAMPAIGN In the future, all our effort in supporting Community Involvement Programs are all but serving the public trust. Skeptrons who continue to volunteer and share vision of positivity in stretching their helping hands to the unfortunates are now part of the AKP history. We may not have a fat wallet in our pockets, be not complacent. We can participate wholeheartedly direct or indirect. By way of our generous resources or ample contribution Morally, Manpower or Financial.
PLANT A TREE Whilst at present, the most common domestic problem in some unfortunate communites is the chronic widening sphere of hungry streetchildren. The narrow but summative similarity of poverty and hunger are visibly tied together to a widespread ratio of hunger atop the poverty."Feed the hungry" Program is a result of our observation and not something to be avoided. Once a year, we do believe nothing is important than assisting an unfortunate community as well as basic feeding of simple edible necessities, simple gift letting, simple social recreation on Holidays and all but simple get together benefiting some unfortunate families.
GIVE A GIFT The hardest way is to fight aggresors. But the easiest path is to build reputation and character ; by way of down-to-earth immersion thru reaching the poor and the hungry.Since Alpha Kappa Rho was founded, Skeptrons have met numerous challenges, posed by adverse situations, have been valuable learnings for the Skeptrons. By our personalized good humanitarian service, reaching the less-privileged sector of Philippine society, it provide us an enriching experience. Skeptrons wit his God-given intelligence, has the unique power to formulate ideas, discover and invent new things geared to make his everyday life a lot easier and more comfortable.
DONATING BOOKS In this context, " Feed the Hungry " is launched. With this Socio-Program, benefiting poor communities, Skeptrons are doing fair service to mankind, specifically to less-privilege class of Philippine society. Alpha Kappa Rho and Skeptrons alike, has thus far an enviable record of accomplishments. For truly in the end, our Fraternity has indeed nurtured professionally, making it squarely-footed in ascending the heights of prominence among others. Topping all, Civic wise,is a practical approach to a simple cause in helping the unfortunates.


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